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Editing for the humanities

I work with scholars across the humanities, helping them to sharpen their ideas and refine their writing. Books I’ve worked on include Daniel Majchrowicz’s The World in Words: Travel Writing and the Global Imagination in Muslim South Asia (Cambridge, 2023) and Nicholas Dirks’s Autobiography of an Archive: A Scholar’s Passage to India (Columbia, 2015).

I am available to support projects focused on South Asia or on any other part of the world. If your article or book is still taking shape, I offer developmental editing to make your argument as clear and persuasive as possible. For pieces that are further along, I provide line edits, polishing your prose so it is lucid, graceful, and professional. I can also draw maps to accompany your text.

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About me

I’m David Boyk, an Associate Professor of Instruction in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at Northwestern University. I earned a PhD in modern South Asian history from the University of California, Berkeley. My intellectual interests include urban history, the social history of language, food studies, literature, and film. I also enjoy cooking, eating, and traveling, as well as reading stories and building marble mazes with my kids.